Setting up a table in a proper manner is an etiquette and a way of showing respect to the other individual. In this blog I am going to write about a very basic and a casual/semi formal sort of a table setting. If you want a very formal table for dinner, I can write an entire blog post on it separately because it has a lot to understand. You can let me know in the comments below. Let us get started with it.


Such table settings are perfect for everyday lunch/dinner or if you are hosting a close dinner party for your family or friends.

I am going to explain everything stepwise.


Place the table mat on the table. A quick designer tip which I like to do is if the mat is not decently sized or if it doesn’t fit all the cutlery which usually happens in the very basic table setting, let alone a formal one. There are two ways of placing it, you can do it either side by side as in horizontally as in the first picture or place it in a vertical manner as in the second picture.


Once you’ve done that. You place the flatware first in the middle. The fork come to the left and the knift to the right. The spoon is places to the right of the knife. For the water glass, place it between the plate and the knife just like where the 1 is positioned in the clock. Or you could place it right beyond where your knife is at a right angle. This really depends on how much space you keep between your cutlery and the flatware.


As for the napkin, you can place below the fork or on top of the flatware. You can also use a napkin ring. I personally like the way the table transforms with this accessory. The napkin then can be place to the left of the fork and the latter can remain the same. In case you want to know what to do with the napkin ring, you put the ring to the left of your plate after you take the napkin out of the ring.


A casual table setting, assumes that the entire meal is served on one plate with one set of utensils. The difference between a basic and a casual table setting is that in this setting there  are a few additional pieces to it. This sort of a table setting can be done if you have a few friends and close relatives over, maybe for just a casual get together dinner party. I’d be attaching a picture of the setting at the end of this section.


The dinner plate is pre-arranged that serves as a base for the salad and soup courses. So, the dinner plate comes first, the salad plate next and then the soup bowl.


To the right of the flatware comes the knife and to the right of this piece come the soup spoon.



The water glass stands exactly as I mentioned in a casual table setting. You can scroll up to read it. An addition to this is the wine glass which is kept right next to the water glass towards the right hand side at a 1 o’clock position.


The dinner fork is place towards the left of the flatware.


The napkin setting can be the same as in casual table setting.

That is it for this blog post. Let me know if you want me to write about a formal table setting in the comment section below, just so you know, I post every week. If you like this content share it with your friends over social media platforms.